Doubles or Triples of Silver Trollbeads? No, Thank You! But …

But it was fun having them! 😉

I consider weight-lifting Venus on bananas (with a pair of spinnel tassels and a pair of high heels!) to be one of my best pics EVER, if not even the very best … **drool!!!**

20170929 – Trollbeads Today

A million pics to follow … 🙂

Pics I Just Love – 1 by 1 – VENUS

This design really put a big grin on my face all day long … 🙂

I called it “High-heeled, weight-lifting Venus tamed the Trolls” 🙂

The emerged happiness with this design felt a little bit weird, since I NEVER wanted to have the Venus, the High Heel(s), let alone the Black Spinel Tassel Bead(s) – I totally dislike tassel beads … Well … How can that be, so much fun with beads I would have NEVER BOUGHT?!?!?!

Just in case you wonder how they made their way into my collection if I didn’t buy them in the first place: I bought the entire remaining stock*** from two Trollbeads LD’s, determined to discontinue Trollbeads, et voilà: There they were, all those beads I NEVER desired … But don’t worry, there were also many beads which were on my wish list. Oh!, should stop writing, since this is intended to be the “No words”-section. What the heck? Who cares? I, at least, don’t. 🙂

*** One LD had 36 Trollbeads left, the other 106 🙂 That’s how my collection skyrocketed to 604 Trollbeads. 🙂 But today (and basically EVERY day) I stick with Edith Piaf, I don’t regret a single thing  =>

Non, Je ne regrette rien. 🙂