Hm, Indigo Kit & Beach Kit?

I was late for work and couldn’t decide on the Trollbeads of the day πŸ™ But then I saw the Traces … Picked the Indigo Kit and the Beach Kit, plus one from the Rocky Beach Kit. Yes, you’re right – I already took the Wave of Dreams and the Eye Bead(s) away before taking the pic. Anyway, didn’t wear those two kits since I needed more color, more juice, more “drama” … πŸ™‚

Just one more: From past fall releases … – 4

Traces (Indigo Kit):

Smile of Stars:

Brook Flowers, Giant Lotus, Lake Eye, Forest Treasures & Mist Ripples:

Smile of Stars:

Smile of Stars:

Giant Lotus:

Part of the Lakeside Forest Kit & Starry Night:

Smile of Stars, Giant Lotus & Silver Whorl:

Lapis Lazuli & Wave of Dreams:

Smile of Stars:

The Eye & Wave of Dreams (Indigo Kit), Starry Night: