No Team Players – 1

Remember, taking advantage of a huge Easter discount, I finally ordered the 3 Trollbeads I needed to complete my Trollbeads through life bracelet – and also defined 3 milestones, using the article numbers of the respective Trollbeads: I was away for the weekend and when I returned home, Monday evening, after work, I found the Trollbeads in my mail box.

To cut a long story very short: I already informed the Trollbeads Dealer that I want to return them, since they don’t make me happy at all. Honestly, I like the TTL-Bracelet more with the silver Wisdom, the silver Lucky Knot and the Big World for the Happy Universe.

But now I’m a little bit sad, since I will never complete the TTL-combo. Yes, I know, I will go back to loving my personalized version of the combo, but right now I’m just sad that I can’t love “the real thing”.

Practiced Spaving

As you may know by now, I do save (more or less) money to complete my Trollbeads Through Life bracelet:

I still need

  1. Lucky Knot, golden
  2. Wisdom, golden
  3. Happy Universe

I’m not done saving yet and may have other stuff which would be a higher priority, BUT: A huge, really substantial Easter discount landed in my Inbox and what should I say … Yes, I ordered them. All 3 of them.

This brings the TTL-Project to an end, which is good, in a way, but also leaves some kind of gap, somehow … One or two times in the last years I gave up on the idea of completing it, telling myself that it is just an ad and that I shouldn’t buy gold beads … I started selling single beads from it, like the 3 Siblings and the Zucchini Flower- but meanwhile bought them a second time.

Now all I pray for, is that the 3 Trollbeads I receive will be really spectacular versions of the respective bead and that I will love them. Of course, most important are the 5 stones in the Wisdom … **sigh** And I hope I love the Happy Universe, since I have never seen one irl – hope the holes between the stars aren’t too big (not the size of an UU, at least) and the faces of the stars are nice. Well, we’ll see if there’s a Happy Poppy after the shipment arrives.  I am yet to believe that my quest will come to a happy ending … We’ll see …

But don’t worry, I plan to combine these 3 Trollbeads with my determination to loose weight: I’ve set 3 Milestones and for reaching them I will receive Trollbead by Trollbead. No, I’m not allowed to wear the respective Trollbead BEFORE reaching the milestone he’s associated with. 🙂 Hence, win – win. Yayyy!!!