Wow!!! All those Trollbeads Rings …

TBH, I think I would love to have each and every single Trollbeads ring … Right now I have “only” the Strength, Courage & Wisdom ring – it was my engagement ring.

To be precise, through acquiring the remaining stock of meanwhile 3 Trollbeads Dealers (discontinuing Trollbeads), I now have several Trollbeads rings, and yes, they all ARE beautiful. So, why are they still on my wish list?

The 13 rings the 3 dealers had in stock are not my size, not a single one … **drat!!!§$()%)OPSJHGSL§&$%&$!!** But there are 3 rings which I especially covet: the Crown Ring with Gold (LOVE IT!!!), the Hawthorn Ring and the Venus Flower Ring.


20170830 – Trollbeads Today – World Tour Africa

To tackle some difficult matters at work I needed some Strength, Courage and Wisdom as well as the power of a Lion(ess).  It is the first (and I think also the only) time for the Lion Pride to be in a combo – I just dislike pierced animals. He’ll be rehomed soon, I’m quite confident of that. But he’s an amazing piece of art and craftmanship. If I would keep Trollbeads which I don’t wear, just because they are beautiful to look at, he’d definitely stay in my collection … Well, that’s not gonna happen.