20171101 – Trollbeads Today – Chakra Beads – Final Version

This is, how I wore it finally … Yes, it is a light, calm &¬†quiet design, exactly what I was looking for. ūüôā

Unfortunately it is a grey day here in Munich and the pics don’t do the Chakras justice, they are way more vibrant and glowing.

20170830 – All my locks

This was my Trollbeads Lock Collection 3 months ago, May 30, 2017:

Meanwhile I sold the Chess Lock and the Mexiko Lock (both for exactly the price for which I bought them myself) and bought the Water Lily Lock, the Turn Around Lock, Troll Tree Lock and the Plain Lock. Love them all 4!

20170710 – trollbeads today

For today I will rebuild this design, however, I’m determined to swap one bead for the Hessonite Garnet. ūüôā

Come back later to check how it turned out. And who knows, maybe I even swapped more than one bead ūüėČ

Have a great start into week 28/2017, everyone!

It started with a kiss …

Well, I’m kidding!

The above bracelet, which never fails to fill my heart with joy when looking at it, started with the fall 2014 catalogue.

I feel that the Pink Traces brought the final bracelet together. Which is quite a miracle to me, because although I had Pink Traces, I totally failed to notice its beauty until one day, when I asked a friend which Trollbead her daughter would love to have added to her bracelet, and she told me it’s the Pink traces.

Hence, always be open to see the world through someone else’s eyes – it will most definitely enrich you(r life)!

Take care!

Cheers, Poppy