20171101 – Trollbeads Today – Chakra Beads – Final Version

This is, how I wore it finally … Yes, it is a light, calm & quiet design, exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

Unfortunately it is a grey day here in Munich and the pics don’t do the Chakras justice, they are way more vibrant and glowing.

20170818 – Trollbeads today – minimalistic & inexpensive

Yes, I know, I know: Thou shalt not use the emergency brake for fun pics! **sorry** 🙂

Just one more: From past fall releases … – 4

Traces (Indigo Kit):

Smile of Stars:

Brook Flowers, Giant Lotus, Lake Eye, Forest Treasures & Mist Ripples:

Smile of Stars:

Smile of Stars:

Giant Lotus:

Part of the Lakeside Forest Kit & Starry Night:

Smile of Stars, Giant Lotus & Silver Whorl:

Lapis Lazuli & Wave of Dreams:

Smile of Stars:

The Eye & Wave of Dreams (Indigo Kit), Starry Night: