20171101 – Trollbeads Today – Chakra Beads – Final Version

This is, how I wore it finally … Yes, it is a light, calm & quiet design, exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

Unfortunately it is a grey day here in Munich and the pics don’t do the Chakras justice, they are way more vibrant and glowing.

20170824 – Trollbeads Today – Ambers – 2

The result: A light, airy, lovely combo, accompanied by a QVC Silk-fit Titanium ring. Love both!  The pics don’t do it justice, since it was very early in the morning, hence I had to choose between using the flash and having no decent light. Took both! 🙂


20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad – 3

This is a first for the Banana-Bead – I’ve never worn it before.

So, what do you think? Mission accomplished?

20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad

Remember my salad? Well, now, finally, the design follows! 🙂