20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad – 3

This is a first for the Banana-Bead – I’ve never worn it before.

So, what do you think? Mission accomplished?

20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad

Remember my salad? Well, now, finally, the design follows! ūüôā




PIJL – 1 by 1

20170503 – Trollbeads today – pic(s) to follow

Just a mini combo: Yellow prism and two flower beads from the Lakeside Forest Kit (is it Violet Flowers and Indigo Flowers? I’m not sure.).

Pics to follow Рright now just pics from previous designs with the mentioned Trollbeads.

Below (fltr): Green Prism, Facetted Amber, OOAK Ornament, Glass Trolls, Milan, Fountain of Life, Yellow Prism

Below (from back to front): Lotus Top, Green Prism, Honey Dawn, Trefoil Knot, Peter, Troll,¬†Facetted Amber, World Tour Denmark Anemones, TB-Day Bead 2014, Big Amber, Buttercup, Heaven’s Garden, Luminous Delight Facet, Mermaid, Heart Chakra, Yellow Prism, Endless, Peter, little faceted Amber, Lotus¬†Top:

And below a previous design (which I loved to pieces!!!) with the entire  Lakeside Forest Kit & some friends: