20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad – 3

This is a first for the Banana-Bead – I’ve never worn it before.

So, what do you think? Mission accomplished?

20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad

Remember my salad? Well, now, finally, the design follows! 🙂




PIJL – 1 by 1

20170503 – Trollbeads today – pic(s) to follow

Just a mini combo: Yellow prism and two flower beads from the Lakeside Forest Kit (is it Violet Flowers and Indigo Flowers? I’m not sure.).

Pics to follow – right now just pics from previous designs with the mentioned Trollbeads.

Below (fltr): Green Prism, Facetted Amber, OOAK Ornament, Glass Trolls, Milan, Fountain of Life, Yellow Prism

Below (from back to front): Lotus Top, Green Prism, Honey Dawn, Trefoil Knot, Peter, Troll, Facetted Amber, World Tour Denmark Anemones, TB-Day Bead 2014, Big Amber, Buttercup, Heaven’s Garden, Luminous Delight Facet, Mermaid, Heart Chakra, Yellow Prism, Endless, Peter, little faceted Amber, Lotus Top:

And below a previous design (which I loved to pieces!!!) with the entire  Lakeside Forest Kit & some friends: