No Team Players – 2

The 3 new Trollbeads don’t play well with my other beads, they always attract all the attention, it’s like they would be yelling “ME! ME! ME!” – it feels like a displeasing excitement to me…

However, this one, my very personal version of the TTL-design, made me 100% happy, when wearing it:

In my very own version of the desing they all look “equal” to me. They are all beautiful in their own way, and no one steals the show …

Lesson learned: You can not be more than 100% happy!!!

Haunted by: Trollbeads Through Life

Do you know the hypnotizing “Trollbeads Through Life” video done by Trollbeads UK? **verydeepsigh…** I LOVE IT!!! ūüôā

Just in case you don’t know the bracelet by now: It is the one on the left, on the big Rose Quartz.

I love the bracelet, I love the video, the melody (piano and harp, if I’m not mistaken)¬†… Maybe I wouldn’t love this video as much as I do if my star sign¬†wouldn’t be Aries… I will never know.

In the above pic there are 5 substitutes:

  • Golden Lucky Knot – substituted by Silver Lucky Knot
  • Glass Trolls – substituted by Troll
  • Pearl – substituted by White Bubbles
  • Golden Wisdom – substituted by Silver Wisdom
  • Happy Universe – substituted by Big Earth

Meanwhile I have bought the Glass Trolls and the White Pearl.

As a matter of fact, I’m saving for the Golden Wisdom, Golden Lucky Knot and the Happy Universe … Only these 3 are missing from the 17 beads on the bracelet. Sometimes I don’t care and just put the Silver Lucky Knot, Silver Wisdom and the Big World on the TTL-bracelet, but, yes, occasionally I am just a blink away from visiting a certain LD, who has the Golden Wisdom and the Golden Lucky Knot in stock … **sigh**

However, there is some non-Trollbeads stuff (like a new camera – the one I would love to have has just the same price tag as the Golden Wisdom…) which is more important as soon as the piggy bank is filled and which comes first. We’ll see…