Three Firsts


  • Cappuccino Flower
  • Chocolate Stripes and
  • Chocolate Dots/Spots

for the first time and love it! Makes me smile a lot. 🙂

Feel Good Lock: Still Missing …

Just some pics from the past …

I think, if some more months pass without finding the lock, I will replace it – thank God it is not superhard to find and most Dealers sell it individually (don’t like neiter the glass nor the silver from the Feel Good Kit). However, I’d rather find “mine” instead of having to replace it …

20170830 – All my locks

This was my Trollbeads Lock Collection 3 months ago, May 30, 2017:

Meanwhile I sold the Chess Lock and the Mexiko Lock (both for exactly the price for which I bought them myself) and bought the Water Lily Lock, the Turn Around Lock, Troll Tree Lock and the Plain Lock. Love them all 4!

20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad – 3

This is a first for the Banana-Bead – I’ve never worn it before.

So, what do you think? Mission accomplished?

20170810 – Trollbeads Today – The Crisp Green Salad

Remember my salad? Well, now, finally, the design follows! 🙂