20171101 – Trollbeads Today – Chakra Beads – Final Version

This is, how I wore it finally … Yes, it is a light, calm & quiet design, exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

Unfortunately it is a grey day here in Munich and the pics don’t do the Chakras justice, they are way more vibrant and glowing.

20170728 – Trollbeads Today

I wear the “All Beads from my SO”-bracelet and, trust me, every single bead has its own story, so, right now, I wear 19 different (love-)stories on my left wrist … **sigh** Yes, in case you did count the beads and noticed that there are only 17: The Water Lock & the Single Water Lily Spacer also have their own story, hence 19 stories. 🙂

20170717 – Trollbeads Today – 9

20170712 – Trollbeads Today – 2