20170824 – Trollbeads Today – Ambers – 2

The result: A light, airy, lovely combo, accompanied by a QVC Silk-fit Titanium ring. Love both!  The pics don’t do it justice, since it was very early in the morning, hence I had to choose between using the flash and having no decent light. Took both! 🙂


20170519 – Trollbeads Today

Hello reader,

Have a wonderful May weekend, no matter who you are & where you are! 🙂 I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound and look forward to some nice activities in the next two days. I plan to move some furniture (one table from the living room to the kitchen and another table from the basement to the living room – and then some, depending on how supportive & patient my SO is…).

And please remember:

Friday evening is the best part of the weekend!

Why? Because the weekend ahead is never longer than Friday evening! 🙂 Don’t we all know the Sunday evenings where we wish it would be Friday evening? Well, I at least, do know them from time to time, although I really, absolutely love my job. Hence, enjoy your Friday evening!!!



P.S. Yes, if asked which is my favourite part of the week I’d have to say: FRIDAY EVENING!!! Always was, always will be (at least as long as I’m an employee, that is approximately the next 24 years … **shakes head in disbelief**). Take care! X