From past fall releases …

Cosy & Traces – both from the Indigo Kit:Lakeside Forest Kit & Starry Night:

Giant Lotus, Smile of Stars & Starry Night:

Silver Whorl, Lapis Lazuli, Forest Treasures, Dew Drops, Smile of Stars, Pure Heart, Mist Ripples, Lotus Top, Hugging Bear, Brook Flowers:

Traces & Lotus Top:

Wave of Dreams – Indigo Kit:


20170803 – Trollbeads Today – 5

20170803 – Trollbeads Today – 3

20170803 – Trollbeads Today – 2

20170803 – Trollbeads Today

It’s okay, but it doesn’t make me smile when I look at it. However, the Hessonite Garnet and the Lake Eye are absolutely gorgeous next to each other, they are what I like most about this design.Autumn already reached my balcony (partially):