Three Firsts


  • Cappuccino Flower
  • Chocolate Stripes and
  • Chocolate Dots/Spots

for the first time and love it! Makes me smile a lot. 🙂

From past fall releases … – 3

Cosy – Indigo Kit:

Lakeside Forest Kit:

Lotus Top, Giant Lotus & Smile of Stars:

Hessonite Garnet & Starry Night:

Smile of Stars & Giant Lotus:

Cosy, Pumpkin (no idea, whether the Pumpkin was part of a fall release, but I strongly feel that it should be 🙂 ) & Fireflies:

Starry Night & Smile of Stars:

Om, Smile of Stars, Luminous Delight Facet, Forest Treasures, Brook Flowers, Giant Lotus, Lotus Top, Spiritual Adornment, Mist Ripples, Labyrinth, Lapis Lazuli & Spiritual Temple Lock:

Smile of Stars & Giant Lotus:

And this is also how I feel about not getting any preview on the upcoming Fall release 😉

It seems this is the end of the “These were past fall releases indulgence” – hope you did enjoy it too and weren’t too bored by all the pics you already “know” 🙂 .