From past fall releases …

Cosy & Traces – both from the Indigo Kit:Lakeside Forest Kit & Starry Night:

Giant Lotus, Smile of Stars & Starry Night:

Silver Whorl, Lapis Lazuli, Forest Treasures, Dew Drops, Smile of Stars, Pure Heart, Mist Ripples, Lotus Top, Hugging Bear, Brook Flowers:

Traces & Lotus Top:

Wave of Dreams – Indigo Kit:


Copper Bangle – 2 –

Today I got up on the wrong side of the bed and didn’t put on a single piece of jewellery. Even the sight or sound of Trollbeads didn’t please me this morning.

But I take this opportunity to show my favorite pics with the Copper Bangle (some of them: again). The sad thing is: Although I did take a million pics, I didn’t wear it and had to return it – I just didn’t like how the Copper felt and looked on my skin. 🙁 Well, that’s life. I didn’t really take my time to try it on at the LD, since a) I love the silver bangle a lot and b) the copper bangle was on my wish list since it appeared. Hence, I was convinced that I’d love it.

However, I don’t regret having bought it in the first place, since all these beautiful pics wouldn’t exist without this purchase.