20171101 – Trollbeads Today – Chakra Beads – Final Version

This is, how I wore it finally … Yes, it is a light, calm & quiet design, exactly what I was looking for. 🙂

Unfortunately it is a grey day here in Munich and the pics don’t do the Chakras justice, they are way more vibrant and glowing.

YAYYY!!! The Fall 2017 preview is now available!!!

I’m so happy and relieved at the same time:

Just found the Fall 2017 preview on endangeredtrolls.com!!!

The collection to be released September 15, 2017:

Trollbeads Nature’s Promise

My top 5 after a quick first look:

  1. Forest Secrets Kit – or maybe just the Marble bead, depends on how the whole kit looks irl
  2. Shelter
  3. Shape of Magic
  4. Trunk of Treasures Lock – a dream comes true! I don’t like the Trunk of Treasures bead, but really thought last weekend “It would be a gorgeous lock!”. Thank you, Trollbeads!
  5. Best of Both Lock – although I wonder whether on the other side of the lock there is a heart (hope so!) or just angel wings too. Well, we’ll see.

I’m really glad the Aqua Beads as well as the Organic Stripes and Organic Bubbles will return from retirement – although I don’t really see how the Brown Symmetry fits in there. I would have rather loved the (Slumber-style) Green dots come back in this set:

And the Aqua Beads are amazing, they just blend in with everything: Hope you enjoy the Fall 2017 release too!


Poppy 🙂



P.S. Yes, the Organic Stripes is a great, lovely bead too!

Very well done, Trollbeads!!! 🙂

20170804 – Trollbeads Today – 4

20170804 – Trollbeads Today – 3