Three Firsts


  • Cappuccino Flower
  • Chocolate Stripes and
  • Chocolate Dots/Spots

for the first time and love it! Makes me smile a lot. 🙂

Pics I Just Love – 1 by 1

Origami definitely is one of my Top 10 silver Trollbeads. LOVE IT & wear it a lot. 🙂 Most of the time with Victory, which Mr. Poppy loved first and “saved it” from being sold – I thought Victory is just an additional huge silver Trollbead which goes straight into the “To be sold” box. Along came Mr. Poppy … 🙂

20171202 – Down to 684 Trollbeads :-)

Angel & Demon sold a few hours ago. Yay!

This is one of the Trollbeads I have very mixed feelings about. On the one side I love all the rich detail and all the thought which was put in designing it. However, on the other side I totally dislike how he sits on the bracelet.

Well, someone else will be happy with it! All’s well that ends well.

Down to 684 Trollbeads. Way to go.

Doubles or Triples of Silver Trollbeads? No, Thank You! But …

But it was fun having them! 😉

I consider weight-lifting Venus on bananas (with a pair of spinnel tassels and a pair of high heels!) to be one of my best pics EVER, if not even the very best … **drool!!!**

20171117 – 2 Desert Flowers

Today’s bangle really makes me think about priorities. Why? The pics are rather blurry and don’t show the beauty of the two desert flowers at all … Maybe I should save each and every available penny for a new camera … No Trollbeads -neither beads nor other items-, no DVDs/Blue Rays/cinema, no books, no restaurants (yes, I can cook, however, don’t enjoy it at all) …