It started with a kiss …

Well, I’m kidding!

The above bracelet, which never fails to fill my heart with joy when looking at it, started with the fall 2014 catalogue.

I feel that the Pink Traces brought the final bracelet together. Which is quite a miracle to me, because although I had Pink Traces, I totally failed to notice its beauty until one day, when I asked a friend which Trollbead her daughter would love to have added to her bracelet, and she told me it’s the Pink traces.

Hence, always be open to see the world through someone else’s eyes – it will most definitely enrich you(r life)!

Take care!

Cheers, Poppy

No hay mal que por bien no venga!

If seeing the good in every bad experience would be a disease, I would be fatally ill indeed.

After an accident on July 22, 2016 and four weeks of sick leave from my job, on September 8, my brain obviously erased all accident-related data, and above all the “take care! this may hurt!”-alarm, so that, without thinking, the upper half of my right thumb grabbed the tip of my right little finger and firmly pulled it towards my palm. Usually, this does the trick and I feel instant relaxation from top to toe, but this time from my little finger there came only the sound of sth being displaced and pain. Ouch!

Well, had to go home immediately, put my bandage on to appease the little finger, return to the office. Many people I know would end the story here, return to the office in a hurry and go on for hours or even days moaning about how stupid/unalert they were to forget about the accident & go on and on about it… **yawn**

Well, sure, many people – but not (different.)me! Me, I was back at the office 2 hours and 6 minutes later (just checked), even changed my clothes, and when I arrived back at the office I was super-happy and grinning.


When I reached my house, also the postman just arrived in my street. Why would I care? Well, he had a parcel (indulged on Trollbeads) for me. So of course he gave me my parcel and he received a reasonalbe tip. Win-win.

Then, the biggest surprise was behind the door of my flat! There hangs a black & white canvas showing a pic I took in the port of New York: A round table with 7 chairs standing in American rain water, on deck of a cruise ship.

This sight made me so super happy, I instantly forgot any pain, just put the bandage on, and started taking the pics you see right now. I never saw the crystal balls hanging on the kitchen window throw rainbow flashes on the canvas behind the entry door. It was magical, just as if the rainbow flashes “finally” brought the black&white canvas to life … **sigh**

And the icing on the cake: The 31st  Trollbead in the parcel was a rainbow bead, so of course I had to add him to my bracelet at once. **sigh**





Hope you enjoyed my little “this is one of the reasons why I’m different” story!

Cheers, Poppy.

Vigilant but not afraid.

Hello reader!

To cut a very long story short:

December 26, 2016 – I discovered that my superlovely, retired Trollbead Red Feather is missing.

After turning my whole castle upside down several times, I finally accepted on Januar 9, 2017, that the Red Feather is lost. Forever.

And then, sure, one day later, January 10, I FOUND IT! And the moment I found it, it was so crystal clear when exactly “I lost it” (=October 27, 2016).

How did it happen?

On October 27, the final part of a major decluttering action as well as the pickup of my new couch happened. On the way back from the furniture shop, the new red couch in the trunk, I decided that the Trollbeads Dealer, where I wanted to go later anyway, is just on our way home so I asked the movers to stop there. I returned an emerald Trollbead and quickly decided to take the emerald-green diamond bead with me. Back in the van I wanted to wear the new diamond bead immediately – last bead on the bracelet was the lovely Read Feather … So the RF landed in the jewellery box, the new trollbead on the bracelet …

All’s well that ends well, right?!

Since you may wonder why I quote the 44th President of the USA in the titel: I had to sigh & think of the Red Feather and my Trollbeads collection when I heard him say the “vbna”-stuff and knew that this always was & will absolutely remain my attitude towards my Trollbeads collection.

Appreciate, love & enjoy what you have, don’t ever let the fear of losing it, keep you from cherishing it.