Lucky me!

You wonder why I’d think I’m one lucky gal when it comes to this lovely plant?

a) The escalator was empty, hence, I could take the lovely snapshot (above).


b) I’m still so open to the wonders of this world and life in general, that I can see how beautiful this fugitive moment was. I love this plant a lot, it sometimes reminds me of a day-trip to the Botanical Garden in Tafira, Gran Canaria, Spain, where this specific plant grows up to six-foot high.

Take care!



Have you considered the Trollbeads Bangle?

Hello, fellow Trollbeads collector!

Have you thought about adding the Trollbeads bangle to your collection?

In the affirmative, I can only encourage you to try one on irl, if feasible. This is the only way to make sure you find the right size.

The bangle is not only very beautiful to highlight just a few beads, no, it is also very useful, for me especially at work (office, hence: keyboard).

Until now, I like and own only the very first Trollbeads bangle, but every now and then I wonder whether the copper bangle wouldn’t enrich my collection a lot … We’ll see.

I also enjoy wearing my bangle “plain”, that is with no stoppers, no beads.

Should you already have one: ENJOY!



Perfection is an illusion. Not comfy at all …

For years I’ve been looking for the perfect couch. But then, July 2016, an accident forced me to buy a couch over night (short version).

And so it happened. I had one delivered two days later, and I loved it dearly.

However, it was just my rental couch, to bridge the time till my actual couch was ready.

The delivery time for the actual couch was set to 8-14 weeks, but since I loved the rental couch so much I didn’t care when it was ready and hoped it would arrive later rather than sooner …

Then, the dreaded call came, my actual couch was ready to be picked up. I even called them back to ask how much it would cost me to keep the rental couch too… Well I finally gave it back & let it go. **sigh**

And now, since October 27, 2016, I have my perfect dream couch here, but, well, it’s beautiful to look at, but hardly comfy. **sigh**




It’s a beautiful, flaming red, just the kind of red I love so much, and depending on the light, it always looks differently.

Conclusion: Perfection is an illusion.

Hence, if a couch, I would¬†NEVER order, turns out to be the perfect one for me, I might not know for sure what is “the right thing” for me.


Tree of Wisdom

It was love at first sight with me & the Trollbead Tree of Wisdom. **sigh**

Nevertheless, I had to sell this amazing Trollbead since its weight was just too much for my neck. Practiced acceptance of what is good for me and what not.



The inherent beauty of a Trollbeads design

A pic can say more than a thousand words, and the above pic completely tells the story of my love for Trollbeads: You can put together a unique design, perfectly matching your outfit – in the above pic it is a floor-length summer dress which I love to pieces.

This specific design was put together to clean my flat – that’s why there are only silvers symbolizing a room/space. Do you see it?

But I may as well insert one more amazing Trollbeads pic. Enjoy!