Have you considered the Trollbeads Bangle?

Hello, fellow Trollbeads collector!

Have you thought about adding the Trollbeads bangle to your collection?

In the affirmative, I can only encourage you to try one on irl, if feasible. This is the only way to make sure you find the right size.

The bangle is not only very beautiful to highlight just a few beads, no, it is also very useful, for me especially at work (office, hence: keyboard).

Until now, I like and own only the very first Trollbeads bangle, but every now and then I wonder whether the copper bangle wouldn’t enrich my collection a lot … We’ll see.

I also enjoy wearing my bangle “plain”, that is with no stoppers, no beads.

Should you already have one: ENJOY!



Tree of Wisdom

It was love at first sight with me & the Trollbead Tree of Wisdom. **sigh**

Nevertheless, I had to sell this amazing Trollbead since its weight was just too much for my neck. Practiced acceptance of what is good for me and what not.