20171113 – Current Trollbeads Wish List ;-) – 2

Have to add:

  • Lock

The Gold Heart Lock; and

  • Stopper / Spacer

2 * Lovesome Spacer, gold.

These 3 items are just a matter of saving my Trollbeads pennies in order to buy them, so from my current (yesterday & today) wish list, the really HTF Trollbeads are retired block letters R, T, T, U

The pic I put together from trollbeads.com. If it needs to be removed please contact Poppy.Truth(at)different.me. Thank you!

20171112 – Current Trollbeads Wish List ;-)


  • Big Tupilak (I so love all the different faces & expressions!)
  • Letter R, retired
  • Letter T, retired, need 2
  • Letter U, retired, “just one” šŸ˜‰


  • 1 Ruby with gold core – from what I saw in pics, they are the best – but yet to see one irl.
  • 1 very pale Aventurine
  • 1 very dark Aventurine


  • 1 black Smiley with a white face, to wear with my black & white bracelet.
  • 1 red Smiley with a yellow face, to wear with the Circus glass and the South African Glass.
  • 1 pink smiley with a light green face, to wear with hope, light green stripes and many pink ribbons…

The Stones and the Smileys would be “nice to have”, but the retired letters are really important to me. I can not wait to wear “TRUTH” with Endless & Om (7 silvers), along with 8 white Bubbles. Or the Chakras … Or Stones … ***sigh***

The pic I put together from trollbeads.com. If it needs to be removed please contact Poppy.Truth(at)different.me. Thank you!

Yes,Ā adding R, T, T & U to my collection means a lot to me.Ā 

But don’t get me wrong: I am well aware that since December 6, 2012, I have collected a huge amount of Trollbeads, and I enjoy and cherish most of them a lot. The ones I don’t wear, I sell. Other collectors may enjoy them more than I do and I can use the cash to buy Trollbeads which bring more joy to my collection.

So, here and now, today, November 12, 2017, my Trollbeads collection consists of 713 Trollbeads, I’d say 3/4 glass and stones, 1/4 silver. And even though there is a current wish list, the direction is also quite clear: I’m downsizing! Quite right.

My long-term goal is to haveĀ 399 Trollbeads or even less. amen.

Feel Good Lock: Still Missing …

Just some pics from the past …

I think, if some more months pass without finding the lock, I will replace it – thank God it is not superhard to find and most Dealers sell it individually (don’t like neiter the glass nor the silver from the Feel Good Kit). However, I’d rather find “mine” instead of having to replace it …

TRUTH – 1 out of 5 ;-)

Don’t worry, I don’t mean to say that 1Ā out of 5 times I tell the truth, no, what I mean is that I’d love to have “TRUTH” in old, retired letters, however, right now have only the H.

I found the “H” July 2013 (remember, I only started collecting Trollbeads December 6, 2012!), at one Trollbeads Dealer here in Munich.

I hope the other 4 find their way into my collection too. Soon. šŸ™‚


Poppy Truth šŸ™‚

Important: The featured pic consists of 5 individual pics which I took from trollbeads.com.

If this constitutesĀ a problemĀ for Trollbeads, please contact me under Poppy.Truth(at)different.me – I will then immediately remove the trollbeads.com-letters from my page. Thank you!