20171231 – My Trollbeads Collection – Update

670 Trollbeads, more specifically:

17 Trollbeads from Mr. Poppy (all keepers)

21 Trollbeads from Family & Friends (all keepers)

72 silver Trollbeads which I intend to keep

187 Trollbeads which I intend to sell

373 glass and stone Trollbeads which I intend to keep

With regard to other Trollbeads items:

1 Bangle (silver, first generation)

1 Ring: Strength, Courage and Wisdom

1 Fantasy Necklace with Onyx, 90 cm, to keep

1 Fantasy Necklace with Amethyst, the special one from CPH, 90 cm, to sell

1 Bead Stringer (LOVE IT!)

1 Spacer => Single Water Lily Spacer

2 Gold stoppers

11 Clasps/Locks

13 Bracelets

21 silver stoppers (“first generation”)