Vigilant but not afraid.

Hello reader!

To cut a very long story short:

December 26, 2016 – I discovered that my superlovely, retired Trollbead Red Feather is missing.

After turning my whole castle upside down several times, I finally accepted on Januar 9, 2017, that the Red Feather is lost. Forever.

And then, sure, one day later, January 10, I FOUND IT! And the moment I found it, it was so crystal clear when exactly “I lost it” (=October 27, 2016).

How did it happen?

On October 27, the final part of a major decluttering action as well as the pickup of my new couch happened. On the way back from the furniture shop, the new red couch in the trunk, I decided that the Trollbeads Dealer, where I wanted to go later anyway, is just on our way home so I asked the movers to stop there. I returned an emerald Trollbead and quickly decided to take the emerald-green diamond bead with me. Back in the van I wanted to wear the new diamond bead immediately – last bead on the bracelet was the lovely Read Feather … So the RF landed in the jewellery box, the new trollbead on the bracelet …

All’s well that ends well, right?!

Since you may wonder why I quote the 44th President of the USA in the titel: I had to sigh & think of the Red Feather and my Trollbeads collection when I heard him say the “vbna”-stuff and knew that this always was & will absolutely remain my attitude towards my Trollbeads collection.

Appreciate, love & enjoy what you have, don’t ever let the fear of losing it, keep you from cherishing it.