Round & shiny – with a hole in the middle …

… just not Trollbeads: DVDs.

I haven’t worn any Trollbeads or jewelry in general since German Unity Day. The only Trollbeads-related thing I did, was set up a top 299 Trollbeads. Why “top 299”?

Right now I have way too many Trollbeads and the strong urge to get rid of more than 50%  of them. So I figured: Which would be my TOP 299?

But apart from that: No Trollbeads-related activity at all. Just working a lot and watching DVDs, that’s it. Right now I have finished season 6 of Downton Abbey and am just happy. **sigh** I just love happy endings… And Henry Talbot is way too handsome to still be angry at the makers of DA that they “killed” Matthew 🙂

But what about Royal Pains (watched the 3rd season) Jill will leave for Uruguay – and I suspect Paige and Evan will not live happily ever after. And Divya? Why do I think SHE should be with Evan. We’ll see. As to Body of Proof … So many questions how it will go on … Did I already mention that I love DVDs? **deepsigh**