I’m so excited! 2 German Clover … – 2

The bracelet (19 cm without clasp) and the polishing cloth are also part of the auction. And also of course the book and the original package.

Why wouldn’t I ship internationally? Well, one of the reasons is that PayPal takes a huge piece of “my” cake  – had that in July this year, when I sold one German Clover to Jamaika. Thank God the buyer had a shipping address in Germany, otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to sell it to her.

Furthermore, time and health are the most precious goods I have and I don’t want to use a certain amount of time to find out about the shipping costs to other countries, different carriers, then compare prices, communicate price to buyer… I think it is way more time-consuming to sell to other countries, at least according to my experience until now.

In addition, I think the demand is still given in Germany, so no urgent need to look for buyers outside of Germany, right? 🙂 P.S. One Clover is totally new and unworn (on the left), the other one (on the right sight, on the bracelet) I bought preloved (most stupid idea I had 2017 – will elaborate on that another time).