What Do Collectors Want? :-)

I try to put together interesting kits  –  sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

While this “Eyes & Cappuccino-“Style Kit worked and sold quite quickly over ebay,

“Peter in a mysterious forest near Florence” doesn’t seem to work.

I know, in English it is the “Forest Secrets” kit, however, in German it feels more like the “Mysterious Forest” 🙂

Doubles or Triples of Silver Trollbeads? No, Thank You! But …

But it was fun having them! 😉

I consider weight-lifting Venus on bananas (with a pair of spinnel tassels and a pair of high heels!) to be one of my best pics EVER, if not even the very best … **drool!!!**

Doubles or Triples of Silver Trollbeads? No, Thank You!

Once upon a time I pondered that it may be nice to have a second Lotus, a second Stay Positive & Falling Leaves. Now, meanwhile, through buying the remaining stock of 3 Trollbeads Dealers (36 Trollbeads, 106 Trollbeads & 128 Trollbeads) I have acquired quite a few multiples and I know for sure that multiple silver Trollbeads don’t multiply the joy in my collection – and glass only, if very different from the version that I have.