The Netherlands! Or the Himalayas, after all?

As you already know from my previous post, I long for balance in everything I do. And yet, at the same time,Ā I know for sure, that nothing is farther away from my true nature than balance.

I’m a veritable binger in everything I do, no matter whether it is about Trollbeads shopping or watching DVDs. I can stay up two nights in a row to watch the newly released season IV of whatever, and after that I have no interest whatsoever in DVDs for months.

2016 I tried to buy 1 Trollbead every week, since I knew for sure that if I follow this plan I will buy way less Trollbeads than I bought 2015. But, of course, it didn’t last. I just don’t enjoy buying ONE Trollbead every week.

I’d rather not buy Trollbeads for months in a row, but then splurge.

So maybe it is not about trying to reach what is not in my true temperament,Ā instead it may be aboutĀ fully accepting that I’m not spirited like the Netherlands, that is all flat (=balanced), butĀ seeing thatĀ I’m rather the Himalayas (=always between the highest peaks) Ā … šŸ™‚

2017: Thank God it’s over!

All in all 2017 was quite a horrible year, in more than one way.

One year ago, that is December 31, 2016, I hoped for 2017 to be the year ofĀ BALANCE in every single area of my life:

  • balanced diet
  • balanced working hours
  • balanced spendings and savings
  • balanced time with my loved ones

But it wasn’t meant to be:

  • I gained weight and am now heavier than ever. šŸ™
  • I worked crazy hours: 10,50 hours on average, 45 minutes of which are meant to be a break šŸ™
  • I bought the remaining stock of 3 Trollbeads dealers.Ā Not only didn’t I build new savings, no, I also spent all existing savings.Ā It’s a miracle that there are a few bucks left on my account at the end of the year. šŸ™
  • I had to spend so much time at my Mom’s and Mr. Poppy’s place (two different cities), that there were months where I barely spent any time in my own apartment (third city). As a matter of fact most of the time I spent in Munich (the city I live in), I was working or sleeping … Or buying Trollbeads šŸ™‚ …

And now, December 31, 2017, I hope for the exact same thing, I hoped one year ago:



Who would like to participate in keeping me from dehydrating? ;-)

Guys, I just decided toĀ give youĀ the possibility to say

“Hey Poppy, good job! Keep going!”.

Ā I chose the “tinyCoffee”-Widget, however,Ā my alltime favorite is water. You can now buy me one or moreĀ bottles of water – if you feel like it.



And please, honestly, it IS absolutely ok, if youĀ send meĀ ONE bottle of water.

Truly. One bottle of water is better than no water at all. šŸ™‚

Trust me, I’ll be happyĀ & gratefulĀ for each & every single bottle of water.

All I can say right now is THANK YOU!!!Ā  I don’t know if there will be any bottle of water coming my way, but if I don’t offer the opportunity, I will never know if some appreciation comes my way …

However, the featured image is of no useĀ if you want to keep me from dehydrating – please use theĀ correspondingĀ widget in the sidebar.


For those not familiar with Trollbeads: The spotlighted Trollbeads items are the Water BeadĀ & the Water Lock. šŸ™‚

Christmas fun

Right wrist:

I wear a bangle matching the featured Christmas angel.

Left wrist:

I like this little wooden Christmas horse which -if you areĀ generous- matches the all-stones-and-5-silvers design.

Can’t stop whistling or singing “Feliz Navidad” … My alltime favorite Christmas song. BTW: I dislike “Last Christmas” – if feels like the “Chances” Trollbead to me – I just don’t get why most people consider it to be a beautiful Christmas song. Nevertheless, I accept and fully understand that tastes differ…