20171231 – My Trollbeads Collection – Update

670 Trollbeads, more specifically:

17 Trollbeads from Mr. Poppy (all keepers)

21 Trollbeads from Family & Friends (all keepers)

72 silver Trollbeads which I intend to keep

187 Trollbeads which I intend to sell

373 glass and stone Trollbeads which I intend to keep

With regard to other Trollbeads items:

1 Bangle (silver, first generation)

1 Ring: Strength, Courage and Wisdom

1 Fantasy Necklace with Onyx, 90 cm, to keep

1 Fantasy Necklace with Amethyst, the special one from CPH, 90 cm, to sell

1 Bead Stringer (LOVE IT!)

1 Spacer => Single Water Lily Spacer

2 Gold stoppers

11 Clasps/Locks

13 Bracelets

21 silver stoppers (“first generation”)

Who would like to participate in keeping me from dehydrating? ;-)

Guys, I just decided to give you the possibility to say

“Hey Poppy, good job! Keep going!”.

 I chose the “tinyCoffee”-Widget, however, my alltime favorite is water. You can now buy me one or more bottles of water – if you feel like it.



And please, honestly, it IS absolutely ok, if you send me ONE bottle of water.

Truly. One bottle of water is better than no water at all. 🙂

Trust me, I’ll be happy & grateful for each & every single bottle of water.

All I can say right now is THANK YOU!!!  I don’t know if there will be any bottle of water coming my way, but if I don’t offer the opportunity, I will never know if some appreciation comes my way …

However, the featured image is of no use if you want to keep me from dehydrating – please use the corresponding widget in the sidebar.


For those not familiar with Trollbeads: The spotlighted Trollbeads items are the Water Bead & the Water Lock. 🙂