20171221 – My Latest Trollbeads Purchase

I had to go back to the 30% discount shop! šŸ™‚

The new Pink Bud might not even be a Pink Bud (the one on theĀ right sideĀ of the faceted Chalcedon). TheĀ tag said “OOAK” and he is clearly a different style (looks like the Rose Ribbon and the Turquoise Ribbon!), however, I decided that right now he’s a Pink Bud. šŸ™‚

And here they are with my other Pink Buds:


Enchanted Days amazed me to such an extent …

… that I had absolutely no choice but to buy two entire kits straight away.Ā 

A first for me, in more than 4 years of Trollbeads collecting … WOW!!!

Very well done, Trollbeads – thank you so much for this beautiful, breathtakingĀ release!!!

I just had to laugh because I’m yet to make a bracelet with the kit or beads from it.

But I love it so much, that I had to takeĀ tons of pics before even designing a bracelet …

Every single one of the six glass beads is such a stunning beauty,Ā I don’t even have a favorite (yet).

I bought one kit just theĀ way it came from Trollbeads and I choseĀ every single bead for the second kit having in mind that I wantĀ it to be asĀ different as possibleĀ in size, pattern and/or shade from the one in the first kit. Mission accomplished! šŸ™‚

So, come back later to check how I combined the Enchanted Days! Emerald, Amazonite, Amethyst? Yes, they do look beautiful together, I saw the designs on Trollbeads.com, Katzenmaier’s andĀ TrollbeadsAkron.

But I may prefer to find out myself how I like to combine them…