20171209 – 5th Anniversary Celebration Day IV – 5

Well, by now you’ve figured it out yourself: Yes, it is the day of the Coral Stripes. Hence, the end of my 5th Anniversary is nigh and tomorrow will be the day of the Blue Hematite, the last one of the five Trollbeads I bought for this special Anniversary.

The new Coral Stripes is the one next to Golden Thread – Brown and Planet.

The one next to the Hessonite Garnet and  Royal is the one I already had.

The actual coral stripes in the new bead are larger and they are further apart from each other, that means there is more black (which I love!) than in my first version of the bead. Love this bracelet, it is totally yummy!

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!


Poppy Truth 🙂